After Junior Navigation, this Navigation course is the second part of the study of offshore navigation, further developing the student's understanding of celestial navigation theory. This Navigation 2009 course deals with learning celestial positioning using other bodies, in addition to positioning using the sun (covered in the Junior Navigation course). This course also deals with electronic software tools that can be used to plan and execute an offshore voyage. You will first learn to reduce these sights by the Law of Cosines method. Later in the course, you will learn an additional method of sight reduction, the Nautical Almanac Sight Reduction (NASR) method. You will also learn about sight planning techniques. With that knowledge, you will have the tools to take sights and complete your Navigation Sight Folder. The course includes a chapter on using a software-based voyage planning tool and a navigation program. The final chapter of the course contains a Practice Cruise that ties the separate elements of the course together.


Joe MacPhee and Dave Jones

Joe MacPhee (SN) has been sailing the waters of New England for over 40 years. He sails his ketch out of Narragansett Bay. He is a Past Commander of Nobscot Squadron, Past District Commander of District 12 and Past Captain of the Boston Navigators Club. He started teaching courses in 1972 and has taught the JN (Junior Navigation) and N (Navigation) courses. He has also taught courses in Advanced Piloting, Vessel Examiner, and Marine Electronics.


Dave Jones (SN) learned celestial navigation in the US Navy during Korea and practiced it in three Marion-Bermuda sailing races (overall winning navigator in one!). He has taught both JN and N at Nobscot for many years. His 25-foot Whaler started life as a drug runner in the Bahamas and now leads a more peaceful and less exciting life at a slip on the Charles.

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