The Marine Electrical Systems course will guide you in the selection, installation, and operation of marine electrical equipment. No technical background is necessary. Everything you will need to know is contained in the new textbook.


Topics include:
  • Electrical terminology and basic concepts
  • Determination of electrical power requirements
  • Proper installation of boat wiring
  • DC battery power and charging systems
  • AC shore power, generator sets, and inverters
  • Lightning protection
  • Electrical interference suppression


Similarities to household wiring and automotive electrical systems will be pointed out. Emphasis is on basic physical description, with no mathematics beyond elementary algebra. Demonstration materials are used to illustrate the textbook.


This is an excellent course for do-it-yourself members who want to learn how to properly re-wire their boats or add electrical equipment. It also prepares you for repairing simple electrical power problems that might otherwise ruin your day or your cruise.


The course provides all the background needed for following on with Marine Communication Systems.


Suggested readings:
Don Hagen
P/R/C Don Hagen, SN
P/R/C Don Hagen, SN, is a past chairman of the national Marine Electronics Committee, past squadron commander, and past district commander. He is a registered professional engineer with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. His career in the defense electronics industry spanned 40 years. Now retired, he holds a USCG 100-ton Master's License, and has sailed for over 30 years in New England coastal waters. He has taught this course 16 times, and has a Chapman award for excellence in teaching.
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For course dates, check the "Calendar". If not scheduled, call Call SEO P/C Jim Mahoney, AP at 508-655-5244. Courses will be offered based on Member interest and requests.