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The Weather course will guide you in making weather predictions based upon observations of the sky, upon barometric and wind information, as well as weather provided by maps, satellite images, radio and television broadcasts, and the Internet.


Topics include:
  • The Atmosphere – Effects of Temperature Differences and Heat.
  • Wind, Pressure, and Water Waves.
  • Water, Humidity, and Fog.
  • Stability, Clouds, and Precipitation.
  • Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Lightning, and Optical Effects.
  • Mid-Latitude Weather and Storms.
  • Tropical Weather and Storms.
  • Forecasting.
Lightning Strike on mast

This is a NEW (2008) Weather Course. It is a singular module, twelve-week course (the previous course had two modules and two exams). The textbook has been rewritten to contain information that is directly pertinent to this course (the previous course had two textbooks – a general weather text and a USPS study/homework/exam guide).

Credit: NOAA NWS Altantic briefing
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